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Have you bought our Dead Posh or Terribly Posh range of gifts?   This is where we add your town name into the fun wording and they just fly off your shelves.

Well we wanted something equally as good and decided we should give our customers something that is a little more involved but still have the same level of sales.

Enter our two new SKETCH YOUR TOWN ranges. one is like a vintage poster.......... just brought up to date and the other is a lovely sketch with a modern colourful twist. We introduced these just before the Covid lockdown and the customers who ordered them in February were selling out as fast the Posh ranges. So please take a look. Its so easy.

1) Select a picture or photograph that you like of your town or landmark

2) Send it to us

3) Our inhouse Artists will create a wonderful piece of art.

4) We add this art to the products we can produce so you can see your range in a digital proof.

5) Buy what you want in small quantities to get you going, you'll soon be back for more as you will be offering your customers something totally unique.

So It's a winner and you're losing out if you hacve not ordered yours yet!

Lastly I need to tell you that there is a charge for us creating this work of art just for you. it is usually £80 as it does take a bit of time to hand draw and then colour them up. This Artwork will be produced exclusivly for you and no one else will have the use of it.

For more information just call 0131 654 4300

NOTE - Click on each catalogue to download so you can have a good look at the ranges.

Take a photo and create great art          SKETCH YOUR TOWN